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About Loula

The name LOULA was inspired by the nickname of a daughter, an ironic sweet rhyme, and the joy of having her brought into her mothers arms. LOULA offers Doula work in the Santa Cruz County area, and beyond. We offer personalized birthing support, postpartum care, fertility work, birth coaching, parent planning and much more. LOULA'S goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your chosen family process. Working through life decisions around children and family can become challenging at times. LOULA is here to be by your side, advocate for you, encourage you and meet needs you may be unaware of. At LOULA, we believe in autonomy and custom designed pathways to a happy and healthy life.

LOULA specializes in best Mental Health practices. You are not alone.


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"Working with Loula helped make me feel safe and confident in this new journey with my family."

Jessie Hames

Mother and Daughter
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